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Mission and vision

Create a system for the development, production, implementation, control, improvement, and modernization of such products, which primarily returns health and harmony to people on the physical, mental and spiritual levels using traditional and innovative technologies.

The development and introduction of products for victims of natural disasters, military conflicts, calamities - the area of surgery. As well as development and implementation of specialized system complexes for guaranteed assurance of harmony in physical, mental and spiritual condition as well as professional activity of specialists of the medical sphere and patients.

Primary Goals

The basis for the activity of the companies "UKRTECHMED" and "UKRTECHMED INNOVATION" Ltd. became a synthesis of traditional and innovative technologies, which gave the opportunity to achieve the level of world standards in the development, production, quality control, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement of all these processes.

Penetration into the new markets, first of all into the European market.

Founding joint ventures.

Companies "UKRTECHMED" and "UKRTECHMED INNOVATION" pay great attention to the monitoring of quality indicators and product effectiveness within the surgery, acute and recovery periods by monitoring, questioning and analyzing the statistical data of clinical cases. This allows us to respond promptly to the needs of medicine, to improve existing products and develop new ones.


The whole spectrum of suture surgical atraumatic material, including the innovative universal hydrogel dressings "Arma-gel +", is provided for the Ukrainian market by the company "UKRTECHMED INNOVATION" Ltd. (UTM INN Ltd.).

The company "UKRTECHMED IINNOVATION" Ltd. was founded in April 2017 and in August 2017 it received all regulatory documents for the right to manufacture and use suture surgical material and unique innovative hydrogel dressings "ARMA-GEL +" as well as it obtained a Certificate of Compliance with the Technical Regulations for medical products and Certificate of DSTU Quality Management System ISO 13485.

Foundation of the company "UKRTECHMED INNOVATION" Ltd. presents further expansion and development of unique developments of PE "UKRTECHMED", which was established in January 1995 and manufactures as well as provides medical products for the market in Ukraine. PE "UKRTECHMED" acted as one of the founders of LLC "UKRTECHMED INNOVATION".  Due to the fact that Volodymyr Tavokin,  Director General  of the company, managed to attract the best specialists and experts in the field of traditional and innovative technologies into his team, PE "UKRTECHMED" became the basis for further implementation of international projects and programs within the framework of the company "UKRTECHMED INNOVATION" Ltd. not only within the area of medical products, but also within a wide range of products for the physical, mental, and spiritual health of people, united under the common motto: "GIVING!"

Description of products portfolio, other projects

At this stage, the companies have started the production and sale of such products:

  • A large variety of atraumatic needles - TM "Hatrigl"
  • Surgical threads and ribbons in a wide nomenclature
  • Mesh polypropylene medical sterile - mesh implants for regenerative surgery - TM "Arma-Tour"
  • Urological kits (stress urinary incontinence in women) - TM "Ukrtechmedsling"
  • Urological kits (surgical reconstruction of the pelvic floor during lowering of the pelvic organs) - TM "Prolapskur"
  • Universal system complex - ARMA-GEL+ (hydrogel dressings antipyretic, hemostatic, painkillers, wound healing, saturated with various medical means)
  • A wide range of cosmetic products based on hydrogel is being prepared for registration and release

All technological processes as well as products of the company "UKRTECHMED INNOVATION" are patented; trademarks that comply with national and international standards are issued for the whole product range.

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