Research activities, selection of promising directions, design of author's ideas, development of projects and programs is realized on the basis of LLC TITEM.
Practical implementation of the developed projects and programs is carried out on the basis of HATRI LLC and Ukrtechmed Private Enterprise by creating research equipment, making experimental samples of products, researching the efficiency and quality characteristics of these samples in the field of practical application, testing technology and techniques, and creating serial production.

All research work is carried out in specialized laboratories:

laboratory HARMONY - research, development, creation, implementation, improvement of universal specialized system complexes HARNOO - effective, complex, system Harmonization, adaptation, activation, rehabilitation, neutralization, optimization, objectification of guaranteed provision and maintenance of harmonious state of physical, mental, spiritual health and professional human longevity with a combination of traditional and innovative technologies;

laboratory ASKLEPIY - scientific researches of effective and qualitative indices of practical application of medical products - HATRIMA (OOO "HATRI" and PE "UKRTEHMED") and SSK HAARNOO (OOO "TITEM") in various directions of clinical surgery and rehabilitation: in surgical operations in general surgery , urology, obstetrics and gynecology, traumatology, orthopedics, cardiovascular surgery, in aloplasty in oncology, for the treatment of diabetes, hernias of various origin, etc .;

the laboratory of historical reconstruction of the archaic R'ITON - identification and research, creation of documentary-historical reconstructions, copies and new forms of products and samples based on archaeological artifacts of ancient cultures and civilizations.

The scientific adviser and the main expert-consultant of author's projects and programs for the application of HATRIM developments by the companies "UKRTECHMED" and "TITEM" in the field of practical medicine, rehabilitation and safety of surgeons are Misyak Sergey Anatolyevich - doctor, oncologist, candidate of medical sciences, professor of the International Personnel Academy , head of the research laboratory ASKLEPIY.


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