Hydrogel dressings

ARMA-GEL+ STERILE MEDICAL HYDROGEL DRESSING is a sterile wound covering that provides closure and protection against contamination, infection and other negative external influence, has cooling, anaesthetizing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and wound healing effects.

ARMA-GEL+ HYDROGEL DRESSINGS are aqueous composition of biocompatible synthetic polymers, reinforced by polypropylene mesh, which allows to use them for protecting the surface of wounds that are subjected to intense physical activity (rubbing, compression, etc.), for treatment of patients, as well as simple and complex wounds with a lot of exudate.

In hydrogen composition, there is the presence of necessary substances with antiseptic and bactericidal properties, which prevent the development of inflammatory and purulent complications in the wound.

Due to hydrogel, ARMA-GEL+ DRESSINGS do not stick to the wound, do not injure the wound surface during dressing, contribute to rapid cleansing of the wound, removal of fibrin plaque, dissolution of dead tissues, enhance the process of formation of granulation and epithelization, and create conditions for accelerating healing wounds of different origins.

Main benefits of ARMA-GEL+ DRESSINGS:

·      are elastic;

·      well modeled in the wound;

·      have low adhesion to the wound surface and high adhesion to adjacent tissue damage and external dressing material;

·      painlessly and completely removed from the wound during ligation;

·      are translucent, allowing you to observe the condition of wounds, not removing the dressing;

·      are an effective barrier to bacteria and microfluidic exposure outside;

·      quickly absorb wound exudate and bacterial toxins;

·      provide environment with constant humidity and temperature in the wound;

·      promote oxygen diffusion to the wound;

·      relieve pain;

·      due to mesh matrix, the dressing is capable of absorbing large volume of discharge without destroying;

·      simultaneously with this drug, which is in the polymer dressing matrix, it gradually secrets and penetrates into the wound, creating a prolonged healing effect;

·      due to the drainage and sorption properties of the dressing, necrotic formations are softened, which makes it easy to remove them from the wound, reducing the risk of hematopoiesis and damage to lower lying tissues.


ARMA-GEL+ STERILE MEDICAL HYDROGEL DRESSINGS are available in the double convenient and compact sterile package in the form of a translucent rectangular sheet of width from 5 to 13 cm in 1 mm step, 5 to 30 cm in length from 1 mm step and 2 in thickness up to 4 mm. The dressing contains polypropylene mesh inside.

Dressings may be saturated with auxiliary drugs, including:

• novocaine (procaine),

• lidocaine,

• dimethoxide

• methyluracil,

• boric acid and calcium gluconate,

• compositions of natural mineral-organic products based on kaolin and bentonite clay.

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