Hydrogel dressings

"Arma-Gel+" hydrogel bandages are intended for burn wounds, trophic ulcers, abscesses, bedsores, scratches and other wounds bandaging, where the humid environment is the best. "Arma-Gel+" is a sterile, transparent, elastic, and also quite robust, mechanically-polymeric material based on an aqueous solution of a polymer gelling agent, polyethylene glycol, guanidine and a medicine product.
"Arma-Gel+" has the following properties: "Arma-Gel+" has the following properties:
● serves as an effective barrier to bacteria, as well as the excessive body fluids loss;
● contributes the oxygen diffusion to the wound;
● hydrogel structure continuously giving a medicine product to the wound and provides a therapeutic effect;
● elastic, well simulated in wound;
● well adhered to the wound and healthy skin, but without excessive adhesion, which allows painless bandage removal or replacement, without interfering the healing process;
● may be on the wound up to 48 hours;
● absorbs secretion and bacterial toxins;
● does not cause allergic reactions;
● soothes the pain and provides the environment with constant moisture, optimal for healing wounds;
● sterile, easy for use;
● remains integral while absorbing secretions and bacterial toxins;
● protects from secretions' accumulation due to fluid evaporation from the bandage outer surface.
Types of bandages:
● Burn anesthetic (hydrogel bandage with lidocaine, novocaine);
● Anesthetic (hydrogel bandage with lidocaine, novocaine);
● Wound-healing (hydrogel bandage with prednisolone, dimexidum, ectericidum, methyluracil, furacilin, trypsin, bentonite clay, kaolin clay)
● Wound-healing (hydrogel bandage with a composition of natural mineral-organic products based on kaolin and bentonite clay);
● Blood-stanching (hydrogel bandage with boric acid and calcium gluconate, tranexamic acid, aminocaproic acid).
Dimensions: 10*12 cm, 6*10 cm, 5*6 cm.
Thickness: 3 - 4 mm.

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